WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — An area of Upper Narragansett Bay that had been closed to shellfish harvesting for more than two weeks has reopened.

The closure initially began on Sept. 6 after the bay was contaminated by runoff after heavy rainfall.

The R.I. Department of Environmental Management (DEM) then extended the closure on Sept. 14 after a sewer line ruptured in Warwick. The DEM has since estimated that roughly 161,000 gallons of untreated sewage leaked into the bay, well below the original estimate of 450,000 gallons.

The new estimate was the result of a review conducted by an engineer with the Warwick Sewer Authority, according to the DEM.

The WSA hired truckers to haul sewage from the site to help prevent additional sewage from spilling into Warwick Pond, which flows into Buckeye Brook and eventually upper Narragansett Bay, just southwest of Conimicut Point.

Since the sewer pipe rupture, the WSA was required to collect samples from multiple locations which showed a decline in bacteria counts, according to the DEM.

A 170-acre area from Conimicut Point to Ogden Avenue in Warwick will remain closed until further notice as further bacteria tests are conducted.