CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) ─ A Providence woman was arrested Tuesday after leaving her two children inside her car while she went shopping, according to a police report obtained by 12 News.

Naomi Nunez, 27, has been charged with two felony counts of child neglect. The police report states Nunez left her children, ages 5 years and 9 weeks, inside her unlocked vehicle for approximately 20 minutes in the Walmart parking lot on Plainfield Pike.

An officer responded to the parking lot after the department received a report from a concerned passerby. When the officer found Nunez’ car, he discovered she’d left it running with the air conditioning on the lowest setting.

“The inside of the vehicle was very warm,” the police report states, adding that the infant was crying and wasn’t strapped into a car seat.

As the officer was comforting the infant, Nunez came out of the store with a carriage full of items, which the police report said included clothes, a clothing basket and milk.

Nunez explained to the officer that she left the children in the car because they were sleeping, according to the police report. She also claimed she was only inside the store for two minutes, but surveillance footage proved otherwise.

The children were transported to the Cranston Police Department by SVU detectives as Nunez was taken into custody.