WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Parents left West Warwick High School Thursday night with more questions than answers regarding allegations against students on the football team.

Sierra Bernier and several other parents were visibly frustrated while walking out of the school following a closed-door meeting on the allegations.

“I feel like people probably left more upset than they arrived,” Bernier said.

West Warwick Superintendent Karen Tarasevich didn’t elaborate on the incident in question, but said she learned of the allegations last week.

In a letter sent to parents Wednesday, Tarasevich said she contacted the West Warwick Police Department and the R.I. Department of Children, Youth and Families immediately.

“Given the serious nature of the allegation made and the possibility that some members of the football team violated our anti-hazing and/or anti-bullying policy, seven students, who are members of the football team, have been suspended from all football-related activities,” Tarasevich wrote.

Tarasevich sent a second letter to parents later the same day, in which she admitted her previous one had “caused some confusion and concern.”

In an attempt to clarify her previous letter, the superintendent said “there has been no final determination or consequences assigned related specifically to the outcome of the investigation.”

Tarasevich said the investigation into the incident is ongoing. If any consequences are deemed appropriate, the superintendent said they will be imposed once the investigation is complete.

12 News asked the superintendent to clarify whether the seven students were actually suspended from all football-related activities, to which she said “we need to let the process play out before a final determination is made.”

Bernier said players’ parents were frustrated with the football team being named, and are worried about how this is impacting their children.

“If no details can be given, no details should be given,” Bernier said. “This is going to be hanging over their last season forever.”