WEST WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — The Kent County Water Authority says after receiving numerous complaints and emails, the water bills in customers hands are accurate.

The Water Authority’s customers told 12 News that in recent months their cost of water shot up, one West Warwick woman even saying her bill increased 500%.

“It went from $600 to $3,600,” said Catherine DiChiario, secretary of Centerville Condos in Warwick.

On Tuesday, the water board held a public meeting addressing the concerns. They say they’ve been getting anywhere between 30 to 40 emails a day.

“As far as the complaints coming through to the email, there was 447 complaints, 353 of those were from Coventry, the rest of the 94 were from West Warwick, East Greenwich and Warwick,” Customer Service Representative Nicole Jacques said.

The Water Authority’s Executive Director David Simmons says all of the accounts have been reviewed.

“Over 400 of those registered correct use and the bills were found as accurate,” Simmons added. “The majority of those was outside water use, rather it be for pool or recreation, a small number of leaks were identified and if they have a new meter installed, you can actually see the amount of water used by the hour.”

He says they even sent out a letter to customers, explaining the system and process, including the fact they’ve installed new meters on most properties.

“The investigation shows that the water went through the meter and it registers correctly,” Simmons said. “And then we went further, to ensure that not only is the reading correct, the reading meter software came over into the billing software and that the bills were generated correctly and then distributed to the customers correctly.”