WEST GREENWICH, R.I. (WPRI) – We’re waiting to learn more from police following a tragic double drowning in a West Greenwich pond on Friday evening.

First responders rushed to the West Greenwich Park & Ride off of New London Turnpike after receiving reports that two people were drowning in Phelps Pond.

Steve Antonson tells 12 News he was driving home when he noticed a commotion in the parking lot and decided to pull over.

The East Greenwich resident said he rushed to the pond alongside a police officer who had just arrived on scene. Antonson said the officer immediately jumped into the water and began searching for the victims.

“I would have loved to have done more, but I don’t know how to swim,” he said. “I couldn’t go in, but I looked from the shore and tried to direct [the officer].”

West Greenwich Police Chief Richard Ramsay confirmed that one of his officers pulled both victims from the water. He identified the victims as Providence residents in their early 20s.

Lake Mishnock Fire Chief Peter Gardner said both victims were unresponsive and first responders performed CPR for several minutes before rushing them to Kent Hospital.

The fire chief said a third person jumped into the water in an attempt to save them. That person, Gardner said, needed to be rescued and was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The specifics surrounding the incident are unclear at this time, though Gardner described Phelps Pond as a popular spot for people to come during the summer.

“There are no signs posted that say ‘no swimming,’” Antonson said. “It is a common place where people come to swim [in the summer] and ice skate in the winter.”

The fire chief said there were roughly 20-30 people by the water at the time of the incident.

The pond is off the beaten path and isn’t staffed with lifeguards, which is why Gardner advises against swimming there.