WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — The location of the HMS Gaspee continues to be unknown.

Roughly 250 years ago, the Gaspee was set ablaze and sank to the bottom of Narragansett Bay, and to this day, researchers have been determined to find the vessel’s final resting place.

After months of planning and fundraising, researchers and volunteers with the Rhode Island Marine Archeology Project (RIMAP) gathered at Gaspee Point on July 15 to begin hunting for the shipwreck.

Dr. D.K. Abbass, of the Rhode Island Marine Archaeological Project, said they did as thorough a job as possible with the time and funding available.

“We chose one target as the Study Area for an intense Phase I Non-Disturbance Survey, and we have found nothing to indicate that a major portion of the remains of that storied vessel may still exist at Gaspee Point,” Abbass said.

Now that the fieldwork at Gaspee Point is complete, Abbass says the research will continue with further data analysis and the detailed final report will be released to the public after it has been reviewed.

“Although we are disappointed that RIMAP has not found the Gaspee, we are grateful to our donors and volunteers who made this project possible,” Abbass said. “However, we are not discouraged because we now know a great deal more about the physical and cultural environment around Gaspee Point that could lead to an understanding of the area, and the post-fieldwork data analysis will report any further findings in due course.”