PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) ─ The government has filed an objection to a convicted felon’s request to be let out of prison early.

Harry Burdick requested a compassionate release earlier this week, claiming that he suffers from seizures, asthma and sleep apnea, according to a court filing obtained by Target 12.

Burdick was one of five people arrested for the execution-style murders of two college students, Jason Burgeson and Amy Schute, in June 2000.

The couple was carjacked by Burdick and four other men, driven to a golf course in Johnston and shot to death. Burdick later pleaded guilty to federal carjacking charges and was sentenced to life in prison.

In a motion filed Friday, the government said while Burdick did not fire the fatal shots, “he played an integral role in the heartless crime.”

“In support of his bid to get out of prison, Burdick alleged that he has medical conditions that make him susceptible to complications from the coronavirus,” the government’s filing states. “He does not allege that he has COVID-19 or is being exposed to it. He does not state whether he has been vaccinated, refused vaccination, or when he expects to be vaccinated.”

The government argues Burdick’s request does not include any documentation of his health conditions and he “bypassed making the request to the Bureau of Prisons as required.”

“Burdick is apparently just concerned about catching the virus in prison and wants to be immediately released from his life sentence based on those fears,” the filing continues.

Burdick’s request comes less than a year after Gregory Floyd, the man who admitted to pulling the trigger, asked for his own compassionate release amid the pandemic. Floyd’s request was denied, and Target 12 also learned he died earlier this year.