CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Despite losing her father suddenly last November, Michelle Soares is still struggling to find closure.

That’s because she and her family are still waiting for his headstone to come in.

“When he passed, [it felt like] apart of ourselves had gone with him,” she said. “He was a hardworking man. He was kind and loving … he was goofy and he had time for anyone who needed him.”

Soares said her family ordered her father’s the granite headstone from Scoilto and Sons Monuments soon after he passed.

The Cranston business typically receives weekly shipments of stone, but told Soares and her family that it has recently had difficulty ordering granite.

“At the time that we placed the order, they gave us a heads up that there was a mess with the supply chain,” she recalled. “Tentatively, [they said] what we were looking at was late June.”

But the summer came and went without word from the business on when the headstone would come in.

12 News reached out to Scoilto and Sons Monuments, to which a spokesperson said Soares’ family “was immediately offered to choose an in stock monument, wait for the granite or cancel the order and receive a full refund.”

Scoilto and Sons Monuments refunded Soares’ for her order back in October at her request, according to the spokesperson.

“We agreed that when the granite arrived we would contact her to see if she would still be interested,” the spokesperson explained.

Soares said her family decided to cancel the original order and wait for the granite to come in, but she disputes the claim that the company ever offered her an in-stock monument.

“What is difficult for my mom, myself and the rest of our family is going to the cemetery and seeing all the gravestones of individuals who passed after my dad,” Soares said.

Scoilto and Sons Monuments isn’t alone. Supply chain issues have been causing major delays for headstone and monument companies nationwide.

The spokesperson said the company understands how difficult choosing a monument can be for grieving families, adding that it’s doing everything in its power to secure stone shipments.

“We have offered [Soares] every option that we have available, including the refund she accepted,” the spokesperson said. “As always, our customers are our top priority.”

There’s still no clear answer as to when the headstone will come in, though Soares is hopeful it will arrive within the next few months.

“We just hope to get it here soon so we don’t have to go through another winter of my mom visiting week in and week out … her heart breaking seeing my dad not having a gravestone unlike everyone else around him,” she explained.