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Craig Price: A Matter of Time

(WPRI) - 7/27/1987

The First Murder

  • 13-year-old Craig Price murders 27-Year-old Rebecca Spencer after breaking into her Warwick home, stabbing her 58 times.


Heaton Murders

  • 15-year-old Craig Price breaks into the Warwick home of 39-year-old Joan Heaton.
  • Price murders Heaton and her two daughters, Jennifer, 10, and Melissa, 8, stabbing each to death.


The Confession

  • Price confesses to all 4 murders in a taped interview with Warwick detectives.


Guilty Plea

  • Price pleads guilty to all 4 murders. He is ordered to serve five years at the Rhode Island Training School.
  • State law at the time prevented the court from holding anyone under the age of 16 who was charged with a crime beyond their 21st birthday.


Extortion & Blackmail

  • Price is charged with extortion and blackmail for screaming threats at a Training School officer.


More Prison Time

  • Price is sentenced for the 1993 training school incident.
  • He receives a 15-year sentence, with seven to serve and eight years suspended.


ACI Guard Assaulted

  • Price assaults a correctional officer in the prison library at the ACI.


Even More Prison Time

  • Price pleads no contest to 1998 assault charge.
  • He receives an eight year sentence, with one year to serve and seven years suspended.


Inmate Attacked

  • Price attacks another inmate at the ACI, using a pen.


Sentenced Again

  • Price is sentenced for the 2001 assault.
  • He receives seven years with one to serve, and six years suspended.


Security Concerns

  • Price is transferred from the ACI to a Florida prison for security reasons.


Correctional Officer Stabbed

  • During a fight with another inmate, Price stabs a correctional officer in the hand with a homemade weapon in the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Florida.
  • As a result, Price is charged with four counts including battery on a law enforcement officer.


Another Prison Sentence

  • Price is sentenced to two and a half years for the 2009 stabbing of a correctional officer.


More Assault Charges

  • Price is accused of assault for spitting on a correctional officer in the Suwannee Correctional Institution in Florida.


Probation Violation

  • The Rhode Island Attorney General files for a probation violation against Price for incidents while Price was incarcerated in two different Florida prisons.


Prison Altercation

  • Price, now 43, was accused of stabbing another inmate during a brawl at a Florida prison.


  • Attorney for Price asks for - and is granted - more time so a doctor can conduct a psychological evaluation.


  • Prosecutors say Price has undergone a psychological evaluation and his defense attorney has one week to announce if he will mount an insanity defense. Trial set for January 28.

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