CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Firefighters on Monday were pumping water out of one of the buildings at Dean Estates after it flooded during Sunday’s storm.

Two dogs are dead and two cats are missing as a result of the flooding, while the tenants of 24 units are without homes.

Cranston Mayor Ken Hopkins said the building has been condemned.

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Ed Cafasso, a spokesperson for Dean Estates, told 12 News they were working with the American Red Cross to make sure everyone has a place to stay. The tenants were escorted into the building one at a time to collect their belongings.

Inspectors are in the process of investigating why a stormwater drain behind the property was unable to handle the rain from the storm.

“We understand that this has been a traumatic experience for residents,” Cafasso added. “Our first priority is to make sure they are safe and comfortable while we determine what needs to be done to bring them back home.”

A fire broke out Monday afternoon in another building at the complex. The cause is unclear at this time.

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The city hosted a meeting with the impacted residents to discuss what happens next. Residents took the time to express their frustrations.

“I was given 15 minutes to get everything from my apartment,” Daniel Connors said. “What do you do when you’re told to grab your life and go?”

Justin Fishman, who is part of the management team at Dean Estates, told residents their September rent will be refunded, their security deposits will be returned and they’ll be allowed to break their leases. Fishman said the residents will also receive $500 Visa gift cards in the coming days.

“It’s not permanent and it’s not perfect,” he said. “But it’s a start while you find your next home.”

The city plans on returning to the building Tuesday with residents who still need to retrieve their medicine and other vital belongings.