CRANSTON, R.I (WPRI) — Two Cranston residents are facing charges in connection with an investigation into a “neighborhood narcotics nuisance,” according to Cranston Police Col. Michael Winquist.

Winquist said the investigation began after the department received several complaints from neighbors that people were routinely visiting a home on North View Avenue at all hours.

Some of the complaints, according to Winquist, claimed visitors parked outside the house would play loud music, smoke marijuana and openly drink alcohol.

Winquist said officers were called to the address 14 different times within the past month. Officers were ultimately able to verify the alleged activity by stopping the visitors who left the home and were in possession of drugs, he added.

When officers conducted a search of the home early Tuesday morning, Winquist said they found 78 grams of Psilocybin (mushrooms), MDMA in both powder and pill form, 30.6 grams of marijuana and various pieces of equipment used to distribute narcotics.

The two people who lived there, Christopher Michaud, 30, and Alynzea Quaranta, 34, were taken into custody.

Michaud was charged with two counts of manufacturing, possessing and delivering narcotics, while Quaranta was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Both Michaud and Quaranta were ordered held without bail pending a status conference scheduled for Sept. 13.