NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) — Imagine giving your child an adorable talking toy, only to discover that one of the stories it tells is anything but cute.

Leigh Wheaton tells 12 News her daughter was gifted an Alilo Honey Bunny for Christmas. The rabbit-shaped MP3 player comes with pre-recorded stories and songs.

But one story was not what Wheaton expected to hear from a kid’s toy.

“I had a righteous and religious mother,” a man whimsically shouts in the recording. “Once she saw me creating [a] disturbance when I was drunk. She warned me, but I didn’t follow her advice. Instead, I beat her.”

Stunned by what she was hearing, Wheaton immediately took the toy away from her daughter.

“You can rewind it,” she said. “I played it again for my husband so he could hear it and the two of us were in absolute shock.”

Thankfully, Wheaton said her daughter, who has special needs, didn’t understand what the bunny was saying.

But her 10-year-old son did.

“He knew right away that it was inappropriate,” Wheaton recalled.

An Alilo spokesperson told 12 News the story is from “Arabian Nights” and is called “The Fool Man, the Cheaters and the Donkey.”

The spokesperson explained that all pre-loaded content can be deleted from the toy by plugging it into a computer.

“We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it caused,” a spokesperson responded.

Wheaton said her brother and sister-in-law bought the toy from Amazon for $60.

The spokesperson explained that the story in question was removed from the toy’s repertoire last November, “but since Amazon still has some older versions of the bunny on sale, she must’ve bought an older version.”

That explanation didn’t sit well with Wheaton.

“That’s not really a good enough answer for me,” she said. “Why did it happen? There was no explanation as to how this made it out the door like this, and also, why is it still available?”

12 News reached out to Amazon regarding Alilo’s claims, to which a spokesperson declined to comment.

But Wheaton said an Amazon representative offered her a $75 gift card and assured her that the claims are being investigated.

When asked whether Alilo would consider recalling the older bunnies, the spokesperson simply said the pre-loaded content is adjusted from time to time.

Wheaton said she plans to keep the toy solely because she can delete the story, adding that Alilo is sending her the newer version as well.