EXETER, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island Fire Academy received more than 10,000 gallons of firefighting foam Thursday.

But it’s not just any old firefighting foam.

This foam, according to Rhode Island State Fire Marshal Tim McLaughlin, is environmentally friendly and safer to use.

The old foam contains PFAS, according to McLaughlin, a chemical known to cause cancer with repeated exposure.

“This is green foam, meaning this is completely free of any type of cancer-causing agents,” McLaughlin explained. “This will protect our firefighters.”

McLaughlin said a task force has been organized to replace the old foam, which will be stored at the fire academy until it can be properly disposed of.

In the coming days, McLaughlin said fire departments will begin transitioning over to using the green foam.

“They’re going to come down within the next week or so and we’re going to replace their old foam with the new foam,” he said.

The foam delivery was made possible thanks to $725,000 in state funding. McLaughlin thanked state leaders for allocating for the purchase of the foam in the state budget.

“It was a big ask and they came through,” McLaughlin said. “It was a very collaborative effort to make sure that all our firefighters are safe.”