EXETER, R.I. (WPRI) — An Exeter woman is recovering from injuries suffered during a coyote attack in her own backyard.

The incident happened around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday on Ten Rod Road. The woman told 12 News she was out feeding her cattle when she heard a commotion.

“I assumed it was just my two dogs fighting and that one of them had gotten out of the house,” she recalled. “It was dark, so I couldn’t see until I got closer, and that’s when I realized it was a coyote.”

The woman needs to see a hand specialist after sustaining multiple bite wounds. She said it was the first time she’s ever seen a coyote near her home.

“I’ve always heard them at night around here, but have never seen one until now,” she added.

The woman said a neighbor’s dog encountered a coyote last week, but it’s unclear if that was the same coyote.

Rhode Island State Police said the R.I. Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has been notified of the incident.