NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) — The Coast Guard House in Narragansett is still cleaning up from the massive storm that moved through Friday.

Manager Fred Koury tells 12 News the storm damaged the restaurant’s outdoor patio.

“You’re never going to beat the ocean, make no mistake about it,” he said. “But you can prepare for it.”

“It’s not our first rodeo,” he continued. “We are always prepared and aware of what we need to do.”

Koury said the restaurant dodged plenty of bullets, adding that their outdoor igloos were shuffled around and the waves brought plenty of ocean debris onto the patio.

“There are crews examining the igloos, looking at the damage they might have incurred,” he said. “They didn’t get torn down like in year’s past, but they did get moved and pushed against the building.”

Koury expects the igloos to be ready by Wednesday, depending on if there are repairs that need to be made.

After Hurricane Sandy, Koury said the restaurant was reinforced to withstand strong storms by creating a path for the water.

“We just kind of provide access to the ocean,” he said. “If it has to come through, it’s pretty much channeled through the building so you’re not fighting it … you just have to let it come in.” 

With the crews working outside and the restaurant back open, Koury said their staff has been working hard to stick to their motto.

“As we always say … You’ve got to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and that’s what we are doing right now,” he said.

Koury said they’re grateful no rocks came up and over the seawall.

“You always have to worry about that, when the water comes whipping up over the wall,” he said. “To not lose any windows in a storm like that was about as lucky as you can get.”

Koury said thankfully, the restaurant was closed for the holidays and had some time to clean up before opening again.