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Christmas display stolen from family's yard is caught on camera

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WPRI) -- A Narragansett family is looking for the suspects who stole their families Christmas lights from outside their home. The theft was all caught on camera. 

The Pernicone’s home is a little bare for the time of year, missing some Christmas decorations after what happened late Saturday night. Their doorbell camera caught a group of what police are describing as three white college aged males taking a light up reindeer and ripping Christmas lights off the bushes and house.  

"It was so aggressive," said homeowner Jessica Pernocpne. "It’s just upsetting that they would do it because it’s just like for what?" 

Jessica and her husband Brian had just finished cleaning up from their annual holiday party when the lights were taken. At first they say they thought someone was trying to break in.

"We just heard a big noise at the front door," said Brian. He then ran downstairs with a flashlight to look outside, but it was too late as the thieves had already taken off. 

He said his children helped put the lights up and didn’t find out about what happened until Sunday morning. The parents say their little ones were a little scared but they already got more lights and are planning to put up a bigger and better display.

"When you’re trying to teach kids about the season of giving and doing good things it’s really hard to have somebody come and do that and show them the other side of things," said Brian. "We’ll put them back up and keep the Christmas spirit alive."  

Narragansett police are investigating the incident. They say the group took off in a car but haven’t been able to identify or find them yet.

The Pernicone’s posted the video on Facebook with the hopes of finding out who did it.

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