NEW SHOREHAM, R.I. (WPRI) — Ballard’s Beach Resort officially has no more restrictions from the fallout of a fight that happened last month.

The resort is now allowed to hold onto their entertainment license after a two-week suspension was issued by the town’s licensing board.

Ballard’s appealed the suspension and the Rhode Island Supreme Court issued a temporary stay, but only under certain conditions.

The court ordered Ballard’s not to host live music, nor advertise any live performances, for the remainder of its season. The resort was also ordered to hvae at least four security guards present on weekdays and seven on weekends, all of whom must wear identifiable security apparel.

In addition, Ballard’s was ordered to coordinate appropriate crowd control and security efforts with the town.

The suspension was in response to a tumultuous day last month that resulted in eight arrests.

Thousands of people attended a reggae festival at Ballard’s, which overwhelmed security at the venue and on the ferries leaving the island later that night, according to Rhode Island State Police Captain Peter Chabot.

Chabot described the scene as “extremely chaotic,” adding that some people were jumping the fence to get into Ballard’s and there were several verbal and physical altercations.

One such fight, which was captured on video, led to the arrest of one man, while another on board an outgoing ferry left two people hurt and seven others in handcuffs.

All of the resort’s restrictions are now lifted.