SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WPRI) ─ Three young men accused of physically and sexually assaulting a woman at a Wakefield home last month faced a judge Monday.

Montrell Wilson, Trenton Scuncio and Jah-Quin Sekator were arrested in March after police were notified that a 19-year-old woman had been “gang raped” while incapacitated.

A juvenile was also arrested in connection to the crime.

The men are each charged with first-degree sexual assault, second-degree sexual assault, simple assault, video voyeurism and conspiracy.

The victim, who testified in court Monday, said she didn’t reach out until a week later because she only found out it happened after Sekator sent her numerous videos of the incident.

Attorney John MacDonald, who’s representing Scuncio, showed numerous text messages and videos in court from that night and several days before it.

In court, the victim admitted to having sexual relations with two of the men days before the alleged assault, but she said the difference that night was that she was incapacitated and did not consent.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen people rallied outside the courthouse holding signs that read “free the boys” and “innocent until proven guilty.”

Marcus Robinson tells 12 News he believes the teens are being treated unfairly because of the color of their skin.

“Black kids are accused and they are heinous, a threat to society,” Robinson said. “They are just labeled over and over again. We’re innocent until proven guilty, but the Constitution wasn’t written for everybody and it shows.”

Myshon Coppock, the teens’ cousin, said the allegations against the boys just don’t add up.

“Anyone that knows [them] … knows these aren’t the kids they’re portraying them to be,” Coppock said.

Sarah Markey with South Kingstown Care and Justice said the group has raised more than $4,000 to help with the teens’ legal bills.

She hopes the young woman also gets the support she needs.

“We think it matters that these boys get bail and that all five of them get the support they need,” she said.

Both the victim and the state are pushing for the teens to be held without bail.

Attorney General Peter Neronha sent 12 News a statement regarding the hearing saying, “The state will be seeking to hold the three adult defendants without bail. It is up to the court, following a bail hearing, to set bail, or hold without bail, for each of the defendants charged in this case.”

The bail hearing is expected to continue on Wednesday.