WESTPORT, Mass. (WPRI) — A Massachusetts town is taking immediate action to protect students following the deadliest shooting the nation’s seen since 2012.

Westport Superintendent Thomas Aubin tells 12 News the district has placed a police officer at every single school.

Aubin said the plan to do so was set in motion last fall, but the recent shooting rampage at a Texas elementary school pushed them to act sooner.

“This has hit [the district] really hard and rightfully so,” Aubin said. “I mean, to try and even comprehend the killing of 10 year olds is just unbearable.”

The superintendent said the vast majority of parents are relieved.

“Let’s face it, it’s their most cherished possession that they’re giving to us every day,” Aubin said. “It’s a huge responsibility.”

“In a job where you give a lot of bad news we’ve had a lot of good responses from parents, they feel terribly relieved,” he added.

Aubin said the district is already working to secure the funding needed to ensure that these safety protocols continue into the next school year.

“We have 400 million weapons in this country, and quite frankly, when you combine it with mental health issues that we have … I think it only makes sense to find the funding to make sure that our parents know that their children are as safe as they possibly can be,” he said.