WESTPORT, Mass. (WPRI) — The Westport School District is joining a nationwide lawsuit against social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and more.

The school committee recently unanimously voted to join the suit being filed by a group from California.

The suit alleges the top social media companies have contributed to a mental health crisis among the country’s youth.

Westport Superintendent Thomas Aubin says he has seen the harm social media can do, especially against young women, and that’s why he’s taking legal action.

Watch: Psychologist speaks on the mental health effects of social media on children (Story continues below.)

“We have an obligation to make sure our district is compensated for the negative impact that social media has done,” he said. “It requires more counseling, human capital. That’s a price that our taxpayers shouldn’t have to be burdened with.”

According to our CBS station in Boston, a student at Westport High School conducted a poll among her peers for her senior project.

She found 70% of students hesitate to post online over fears they could be judged for their appearance.