NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — The proposed offshore wind project off the coast of New Bedford has hit another stumbling block.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management said it would delay the 84-turbine, 800-megawatt farm because stakeholders want a better analysis of it.

Vineyard Wind was calling on the federal government to complete its review so the project could move forward. Congressman Bill Keating says the Trump administration has decided to delay construction on the project.

“Vineyard Wind and the larger off-shore wind industry are anchors to a blue economy based in New Bedford and Southeastern Massachusetts,” Keating said in a statement over the weekend. “The effects of today’s announcement are the potential loss of over three thousand jobs in our region; the loss of the ability to heat 400,000 homes; and – in light of the decommissioning of Pilgrim Power Plant – twenty percent of our energy was anticipated to come from offshore wind by 2035. All of this is in jeopardy now.”

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell also voiced concerns.

“A monkey wrench has been thrown into it. I am concerned about the viability of the project.”

Keating also elaborated about his disappointment in the Trump administration on this decision.

“This Administration has a terrible record of promoting fossil fuels at the expense of renewable energy; it is par for the course that they would seek to stymie the nation’s most important renewable energy project just as it was coming to fruition,” Keating continued. “Taking this action, at this late stage, is another example of this Administration’s hostility toward those seeking to combat climate change, as well as its overall rejection of basic environmental values. Sadly, I am hardly surprised, given the baseless personal vendetta President Trump has taken against wind farms throughout his career.”

Keating says he believes that the president’s administration has not dealt fairly with Vineyard Wind but he remains committed to moving the project forward.