FREETOWN, Mass. (WPRI) — For the second time this year, vandals have desecrated a Freetown cemetery.

The vandalism at White Cemetery was first discovered Friday morning by caretaker John Ashley, according to police.

This time, it appears 34 headstones and memorial markers were defaced with red spray paint.

Police said at least one of the headstones has a swastika painted on it, while others had cryptic messages like “catch me if you can,” “I’ll be back” and “I’ve been a bad boy.”

Those responsible for the first incident also used red spray paint to deface nearly three dozen gravestones with similarly disturbing symbols and phrases.

“They can’t imagine why someone would do something like this to somewhere that is designed to be a place of peace and eternal rest,” Ashley previously told 12 News. “It’s just terrible”

It’s unclear at this time whether those responsible for the first bout of vandalism are also responsible for the second.

Anyone with information on either incident is asked to contact Freetown Detective Shane Kelley or Lt. Steven Abbott by calling (508) 763-4017.