MANSFIELD, Mass. (WPRI) — The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike has made its way to New England.

Thousands of workers across the country have joined the picket line since the strike officially began earlier this month. The UAW is expected to further expand the strike — which targets Detroit automakers General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler owner Stellantis — later this week.

The union is demanding across-the-board wage increases, improved job security and additional benefits for its members. This is the first time in the UAW’s history that it has simultaneously negotiated with three automakers, and could be the most costly for the industry as a whole.

Nearly four dozen employees at the Stellantis parts distribution center in Mansfield walked off the job last week during the strike’s first expansion.

“We’re fighting for the young guys,” UAW Local 422’s Patrick Lozeau explained. “They need to have what we have. I’ve been here 23 years and I have a pension and health care and a good wage. They need more.”

Lozeau said the UAW Local 422 has received an “incredible” amount of support so far.

“We’ve had people stop by [and bring us] coffee and doughnuts and pizzas,” he said. “One guy dropped off 10 pizzas on his own. He had no union affiliation and was just showing support.”