FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office has announced another indictment stemming from its Untested Rape Kit Initiative.

Patrick Avila, 37, of Attleboro, was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of rape of a child with force. He posted $10,000 cash bail and is due back in court in February.

The Bristol County Grand Jury indicted Avila after his DNA was found in a rape kit taken from a 13-year-old victim more than 20 years ago, according to the DA’s office.

The rape occurred after the victim left a school dance in Fairhaven in October 2001. The DA’s office said the girl passed out after she was given booze by Brandon St. Don, who then raped her in a car.

St. Don, who was 17 at the time, was later convicted and served a prison sentence.

Prosecutors say a bystander witnessed and put a stop to the rape. After pulling St. Don off the victim and forcing him to leave, the witness then clothed the victim and brought her inside to sleep.

It was then, prosecutors allege, that Avila sexually assaulted the victim. The DA’s office said she was “shocked and upset” when she learned there was evidence that occurred.

The rape kit collected by investigators was one of more than a thousand never fully tested by the state lab. Avila’s DNA was in the system due to a felony conviction in 2010. The DA’s office noted that had the kit been fully tested, he would’ve already been arrested and charged in the 2001 case.

Using a $3.3 million federal grant, the office is now working to process all of those previously untested kits.

“Without us doing the rape kit initiative, no charges would’ve been brought in this case,” District Attorney Thomas Quinn III told 12 News on Wednesday. “The victim is ecstatic that we put the effort in and were able to identify a second perpetrator. Again, she’s a kid, 13, happened to be subjected to this abuse is unacceptable. But without this evidence, the second person could be charged.”

“I’m pleased on her behalf and the community’s behalf that we were able to follow up on the case and bring charges,” he added. “Just think of the trauma associated with her for the past 21 years.”

The DA’s office said Avila was initially charged earlier this year in juvenile court due to his age at the time of the crime. The case was transferred to adult court after a hearing in September.