BOSTON (WPRI) — A shortage of staff at the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) is causing food supply issues at the hundreds of food banks across Massachusetts.

Catherin Lynn, spokesperson for the GBFB says it has food in its warehouse, but they are operating with less than half of its full-time staff. This means they are unable to get the food out the door.

It’s leading to some big challenges for places like Hebron Food Pantry in Attleboro, where they say food supplies from GBFB have decreased by 1,500 pounds in the last month — that’s nearly a 20% decrease.

Hebron’s supply of food is typically split between donations and food from the GBFB. They have also seen an increase in those reaching out for food assistance.

“With the increase in our client base and the decrease in food available from the Greater Boston Food Bank we’re really finding ourselves in a challenging position,” Vice President of Hebron’s Board of Directors Heather Porreca said.

As GBFB hunts for more workers, staff at Hebron are pleasing for donations to fill the gap.

“We average about 275 individuals and families every single week. We’ve noticed a strong uptick over the last several weeks,” Porreca said. “We’re kind of putting a plea out there saying if you have anything available to give, we’ll take it.”

Those who are interested in donating to the Hebron food pantry can visit their website.