MENDON, Mass. (WPRI) — More than a dozen passengers were left suspended over animal exhibits at Southwick’s Zoo after the sky ride broke down, according to Mendon Fire Chief William Kessler.

Firefighters rushed to the zoo Friday afternoon upon learning that approximately 40 people were stuck on the “Skyfari” ride, which operates much like a ski lift.

Kessler said nearly half of the passengers were rescued prior to their arrival.

“The initial person on scene previously worked for a ski resort and had done rescues as well,” Kessler explained.

Firefighters used construction lulls and fire truck ladders to rescue the 19 remaining passengers from eight chairs, which Kessler said included 12 adults and seven children.

The ride, according to the zoo, gives passengers “a bird’s eye view” of its animals and exhibits. Each chair can seat up to two adults, two adults with one small child, or two children with one adult.

Kessler said no one was injured.

The malfunction, according to the zoo, was caused by a small oil leak. Upon discovering the leak, the zoo decided to play it safe and shut it down.