NORTON, Mass. (WPRI) — An athletic trainer at Norton High School is being hailed a hero.

The football team was ending their game Saturday night when the official timekeeper, a man in his 70s, collapsed from an apparent heart attack.

“I saw a man that was purple and lifeless. I was in a state of shock,” head coach Jim Artz told WBZ.

“I hear people yelling, ‘Kat, Kat, Kat, we need you,’ and I saw a man lying on the ground,” Kathryn Sevigny said.

The 26-year-old rushed to the man’s side and began performing CPR. When that didn’t work, she called for her automated external defibrillator (AED) and that’s what finally brought him back.

“He went from lifeless to talking,” Sevigny said. “It felt like a million years but I think it was a span of five minutes.”

Sevigny said she has never used her AED before, but something prompted her to check its batteries right before the game.

The man is now recovering at the hospital.