NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — A man accused of attacking and raping a woman in New Bedford more than a decade ago was ordered held without bail Thursday after a judge declared him a danger to the community.

The decision, announced by Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III, came two days after a dangerousness hearing was held for Scot Trudeau.

Trudeau, 47, of Worcester, was charged with the rape earlier this month after he was found to be a match for the DNA collected in the rape kit back in 2010.

Quinn said the rape kit was among more than 1,100 in the county that were collected but never fully processed. His office launched an initiative to rectify that after receiving a federal grant.

“I am very pleased with the court’s ruling in this matter,” Quinn said in a statement. “This was an important step in the process of protecting the public and hopefully bringing justice to a victim who went through the trauma of being raped and the indignity of having to then submit to a rape kit procedure only to then learn more than a decade later that her rape kit was never fully tested.”

Prosecutors pushed for Trudeau to remain behind bars due to his criminal history, which they said includes indecent assault and battery on a woman in 2009 and child sexual exploitation in 2015.

Trudeau’s DNA was on file since he provided a sample following the 2015 conviction.

“This case demonstrates why my office undertook the painstaking process of first discovering a massive statewide problem, then finding a way to solve it in Bristol County and finally put that plan into action,” Quinn added. “If this victim’s rape kit had been fully tested, this defendant would have been arrested seven years ago.”

Trudeau is due back in court on June 14 for a pretrial hearing.