FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (WPRI) — The town of Fairhaven is welcoming migrant families within the coming weeks.

Earlier this week town officials announced the state has rented 20 rooms at the Seaport Resort and Marina to house them.

On Saturday morning, those for and against the issue lining the street outside the hotel.

Some people were welcoming the families with signs saying “Hate has no home here.”

“These are human beings. They’d be living on the streets somewhere winter is coming is that fair,” said Fairhaven resident Kelly Ochoa.

Jessica Fidalgo, Chairperson of the Belonging Committee said they’re here to welcome these families seeking asylum here in Massachusetts.

“We’re an entire country built on immigration. We have a process to handle that and that’s what we’re here to support.”

Town officials say they are organizing resources for the migrants and helping them get settled in their new home.

However, some are not happy with the decision, holding up signs in protest saying close the borders.

Thomas Hodgson, the former Sheriff of Bristol County, says he has questions about the overall impact in Massachusetts.

“This is outrageous. But the bottom line is they are overburdening our infrastructure by allowing these people to pour in over the border.”

Congressman Jake Auchincloss weighing in on the debate, saying Massachusetts is a right to shelter state.

“We ensure families with children that they are not going to sleep out in the cold at night. Massachusetts is going to continue to welcome migrants as it has for 400 years but we do need federal assistance.”

Auchincloss is encouraging the Biden administration to send an assessment team to see the challenges in Massachusetts.