New Bedford, Mass. (WPRI) — The Massachusetts State Lottery held three vaccination clinics this weekend.

In New Bedford, one opened at Richdale, located on Brock Ave., for anyone wanting a shot or a booster.

The site remained open until 4 p.m.

One woman who attended the clinic said this was her first COVID-19 vaccination shot.

“At first I was really scared. I didn’t what that in my body,” said Deborah Padre

“By now, I am more scared of COVID and so I was like, just get vaccinated. My family is not vaccinated and so I am hoping that by me getting vaccinated, they will too. Like I got vaccinated to save them.”

Another clinic was held in Lawrence on Saturday, and one will be held in Springfield on Sunday.

Those who got there vaccines also got a free hat, a gift from the Massachusetts State Lottery.