SWANSEA, Mass. (WPRI) — John Almeida’s crops are usually bright and healthy come summertime.

But not this year.

“It’s been a dry season,” Almeida said. “We can’t even get the corn to grow.”

Southern New England is in the midst of a severe drought, with the region seeing below-average rainfall throughout the month of July.

The impact has been significant for local farms, including Almeida’s farm in Swansea.

Almeida said while some of his crops will likely survive the dry conditions, he expects to lose the vast majority of them.

“We’re going to lose some acreage,” he explained. “It won’t be a good financial year at all.”

In fact, the lack of rain means a 35-40% loss in profit for Almeida’s farm.

To make matters worse, Almeida said inflation is driving up the farm’s expenses. He said it costs nearly three times more to fuel their tractors and twice as much to fertilize their crops.

“It’s even tough to get people to help us pick the corn,” he said.

Almeida is hopeful that a good rainstorm will strengthen his crops.

“If we get a good hit of rain, it’ll help save a lot of the [crops] that are stressing right now,” he said.

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