LAKEVILLE, Mass. (WPRI) — Newly released body-worn camera footage shows the moment a Lakeville man was shot after pointing a gun at an officer and off-duty Massachusetts State Police trooper last week.

The man, identified by police as 42-year-old Timothy Hladik, was shot shortly after approaching an officer who was monitoring traffic near the intersection of Precinct and Perkins streets early Friday morning.

Upon noticing Hladik was armed, police said the officer hopped out of his cruiser and retreated behind it. In the video, the officer can be heard shouting at Hladik and ordering him to “drop the gun.”

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That’s when the off-duty state police trooper noticed the commotion and pulled over to assist the officer, according to police.

Hladik refused to drop the gun and could be heard in the footage repeatedly shouting, “It’s kill or be killed!” at the officer and trooper before pointing the firearm at them.

Police said the officer and trooper then opened fire on Hladik, who could be seen in the video stumbling away after being hit.

The officer and trooper rushed over to Hladik and secured his weapon, which police said was later determined to be a replica gun.

Lakeville Police Chief Matthew Perkins previously told 12 News he’s seen the video himself and believes the officer and trooper made the right call.

“I believe he did a good job when I reviewed the body camera footage,” he said.

Police said Hladik was brought to St. Luke’s Hospital to be treated for his injuries. He is expected to recover.

Hladik is charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and threatening to commit a crime.

The officer and trooper were placed on paid administrative leave and their weapons were confiscated pending the outcome of the investigation.