FOXBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — With Rob Gronkowski leading the charge, a Rhode Island-based health products company announced a new partnership with Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium on Friday.

Gronkowski, a former tight end for the New England Patriots, announced his own partnership with Abacus Health Products – maker of CBD Medic – back in August.

He said the use of CBD oil has helped him recover from injuries he suffered while playing in the NFL. He also called upon the NFL and other professional sports leagues to change their stance on allowing players to use CBD products to better manage pain.

The partnership is the first time Gillette Stadium has worked with a company that makes CBD products.

“All the confusion around CBD is an opportunity for us to educate in a big way,” Abacus Health Products CEO Perry Antelman said. “Cannabis has two species: marijuana and hemp. Our CBD is from hemp.”

Antelman said the partnership means new signage will be placed throughout Patriot Place and outside Gillette Stadium.

“Fans will also be able to get free product,” Antelman added. “Sample products will be handed out to tens of thousands of fans at every game.”

When asked if he would advocate for the use of marijuana in professional sports leagues, Gronkowski said he is only supporting the use of CBD products, adding that he understands why others would advocate for the use of marijuana.

“You’ve got to applaud them,” he said. “I’m not advocating for THC, but I would say they’re on the right path, too.”

According to the NFL Players Association, synthetic cannabinoids are prohibited because using them could trigger a positive result when players are drug tested.