BOSTON (WPRI) — Former Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia is slated to be sentenced in his federal corruption case Monday.

Correia, 29, was convicted in May on 21 of the 24 criminal counts he faced, which included nine counts of wire fraud and four counts each of extortion, extortion conspiracy, and filing false tax returns.

He faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Earlier this month, federal prosecutors asked a judge to sentence Correia to 11 years in prison with an additional 24 months of supervised release. The memo also requests Correia pay $298,190 in restitution to SnoOwl investors and another $20,473 to the IRS, and a forfeiture of another $566,740.

Correia’s sentencing memo asks for three years in prison, plus probation and restitution.

“This case evokes the legend of Icarus. Mr. Correia flew early, high, and fast. The verdict points to a hubristic loss of moral compass and, now, a crash into the sea. But Mr. Correia’s story need not end there,” Correia’s defense attorneys wrote. “The proposed sentence imposes just punishment and makes an example of Mr. Correia while still affording him a meaningful opportunity for redemption as a relatively young man.”

The initial case against Correia stemmed from his former tech startup SnoOwl, which prosecutors said he used to solicit money from investors, only to defraud them and spend their money on a “lavish lifestyle.”

The former mayor was also convicted of extorting bribes from four businessmen who sought to open marijuana stores in Fall River but needed a letter of non-opposition from the mayor before they could proceed.

Correia intends to file an appeal. He has been out on bail with an ankle monitor since his conviction in May.