SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) — There’s a new flashing beacon at the intersection of Lincoln Street and Route 44 in Seekonk.

Drivers approaching the flashing beacon will first notice a sign that reads “dangerous intersection, use caution ahead.”

It’s the same intersection where a Pawtucket couple was killed in a crash earlier this year.

Those who live nearby tell 12 News the intersection has always been dangerous.

Steve Garcia, who has lived on Lincoln Street for more than a decade, previously told 12 News he’s personally seen anywhere from 20 to 30 crashes.

“They’ve been pretty bad,” Garcia said. “I don’t know how many people need to die here before someone takes action.”

Justin Sullivan, chairman of the Seekonk Board of Selectman, brought the new flashing beacon up at Wednesday night’s meeting.

“I think we are all kind of skeptical that the blinking light is going to be a long-term solution,” Sullivan said.

The town has been working with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to brainstorm different ways to address their concerns.

“I was surprised that they only put up a flashing light,” Keith Swist said. “It seems like a flashing light isn’t that much different from the flashing yellow or a stop sign, which we have always had.”

12 News reached out to town administrators regarding the new light but have not yet heard back.