ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — In a matter of minutes, Sylvia Aldana’s world came crumbling down around her.

It was the moment she learned that her boyfriend, 34-year-old Edwin Sosa Acevedo, and his 15-year-old son Cristian Sosa were killed in crash.

“Sometimes, I think it’s a nightmare,” Aldana said. “But it’s not, it’s reality … and I want to wake up.”

Sosa Acevedo and his son had just left the Mendon restaurant where they worked Friday night when their car collided with an oncoming truck. The force of the impact pushed their vehicle off the roadway, down an embankment and into Lake Nipmuc.

While first responders were able to pull the father and son from the sinking vehicle, both were later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Aldana told 12 News it still doesn’t feel real.

Courtesy: Sylvia Aldana

“I will never see [Edwin] again,” she said through tears. “I will never see Cristian again.”

Aldana said it was Cristian’s first night on the job, adding that Sosa Acevedo was extremely proud of his son.

“[Edwin] was so happy,” Aldana said. “He sent me a picture of Cristian working in the kitchen. That was the last text message I received from him … he never made it home.”

Alicante Restaurant and Lounge, where Sosa Acevedo and his son worked, decided to remain closed Saturday.

In a social media post, the restaurant described Sosa Acevedo as “one of their own” and said both he and his son “will be deeply missed.”

“Through some difficult times, you always had a smile on your face,” the post said of Sosa Acevedo. “You inspired us to appreciate everything in life, especially each other.”

Aldana said she will always remember the love Sosa Acevedo brought into this world, including their 11-month-old daughter Melody Rose Sosa.

“I’m so scared now,” she said. “I lost him and Cristian … and I’m so scared because of Melody, too.”

Aldana said their daughter was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (a condition that causes seizures), a cleft palette and hypertonia, which makes it difficult for her to move her muscles.

The couple used to spend their Sundays at the hospital with their daughter.

“When I walked in there, I was expecting him to be there,” she said through tears. “He wasn’t there.”

Aldana will never forget the first time she met Sosa Acevedo.

“He looked into my eyes and said, ‘those eyes just make me want to fall in love with you,'” Aldana recalled as she clutched a framed photograph — the first one the two ever took together. “I had never felt love until I finally met him.”

“He was my partner,” she continued. “He was my everything … he was always there.”

Aldana said Sosa Acevedo was her support system, and the thought of raising their daughter without him is terrifying.

“We would struggle together, and now I’ve got to struggle by myself,” she said.

Aldana said the family is trying to get ahold of the Guatemalan consulate to transport their remains to their home country.

The family has also created a GoFundMe page to raise money not only to give them a proper burial, but to also help Aldana with Melody’s medical expenses.