DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — After months of debate, Dartmouth High School’s mascot is staying put.

The town’s school committee voted 3-1 Monday night in favor of keeping the Indian logo.

Earlier this month, the town held a referendum vote on the logo after Selectman John Haran claimed a tribe member approached him about it. Residents overwhelmingly voted to retain the logo.

While some see the Dartmouth Indian as controversial, others see it as a symbol of strength and pride.

Members of the Wampanoag Tribe have spoken in favor of keeping the logo, including Sean Carney.

“The misconception of the controversy here is we saw several other movements happening throughout the country, but those movements again are distinguishable from what’s happening here,” Carney previously told 12 News. “It’s a tastefully done logo, and really nothing about it is offensive to the native culture. Disbanding that would really do nothing but just another whitewash of history.”

Carney said the logo was designed by his uncle, who’s also a tribal member.

“It’s analogous to honoring the contributions and the achievements of the native peoples that populated these lands well before we did,” Carney added.