DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — When Dartmouth High School students and teachers return to class this upcoming school year their cell phones will have to stay out.

Cell phones can be a major distraction so the school has decided to create a “cell hotel,” which looks like a shoe rack.

Students will be assigned a numbered pocket where they will put their phones when they head to class. When class is over, they will be able to get their phones back.

The school district says it’s a way students can learn free of digital distractions.

“Every time we get a text, or every time we get an alert, or every time we get a buzz, our eyes go off we miss a lesson,” Dartmouth High School Principal Ryan Shea said.

Teachers will also put their phones in the cell hotel as well. The district says it’s a flexible policy they are rolling out.

“It’s kind of funny when they’re going through TikTok or something and they accidentally have the volume on, it’s hilarious, so yes of course it can be distracting to other students,” one student said.

Dartmouth, however, isn’t the first district to do this. The third largest city in the state, Springfield, has enacted cell hotels at all of its high schools after seeing success with it at neighboring Chicopee this past year.