ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — While city hall wedding ceremonies are not a new concept, Attleboro’s city clerk tells 12 News she’s seen an uptick in the number of people saying “I do” in her office.

Kate Jackson said as city clerk, being a justice of the peace is in her job description, adding that she has performed 10 ceremonies over the past three weeks.

“To date, we have doubled how many intentions have been filed, compared to last year,” Jackson said.

The Wedding Report indicates that an estimated 2.5 million couples are expected to get married this year, which is a major increase from the years prior, though that excludes the first two years of the pandemic.

While weddings have been officiated at city hall for years, Jackson said she has tried to make the ceremonies more special. She’s even purchased and decorated a portable arbor for the occasions.

Jackson said her dual responsibility as a justice of the peace is one of the best parts of her job so far.

“Just feels good to do it. You know, weddings are a happy moment,” she added.

Jackson said there’s a number of reasons why couples have opted for a city hall ceremony as of late, including pandemic-related delays, not being able to book their dream venue when they want it, and trying to save money.

“They want to get married now, so they do a little ceremony here at city hall for little cost, and then they plan for their big wedding and celebration,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the ceremony service is $100, which is a fee regulated by the state, while a city marriage license costs $25.

On average, couples spend $28,000 on their wedding ceremony and reception an all in total wedding cost of $34,000, according to a study conducted by The Knot.

The study also found that the average cost to reserve a venue in 2019 was $10,700, with rentals making up roughly 75% of the fee.

Of those who choose to add catering or alcohol to their venue package, the study estimates that the reservation cost, on average, jumped to $15,800.

Jennifer Holcomb and Joseph DiMarzo had an untraditional path to marriage due to pandemic-related delays. In their three-year engagement, the couple of seven years tells 12 News the cost of their wedding changed quite a bit.

The couple explained that they ended up finally holding a bigger, yet purely symbolic ceremony in Florida before making it official in Attleboro on Friday.

“We went well over our budget and it was not what we intended to spend,” Holcomb said. “The amount of money it actually costs for a wedding, I think this is a great way to do it.”

There are four primary groups of people who can officiate at weddings in Massachusetts, though each group needs to meet different requirements to get licensed.

Justices of the peace are appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, though only some are authorized to perform marriages. The state notes you can contact your city or town clerk for more information if you’d like to be married by a Justice of the Peace.

Jackson reminds eager couples there is a mandatory three day waiting period between when intentions are filed and a marriage license can be issued, meaning if you’re hoping to get married on the same day you go to city hall, you’re out of luck.