FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — The house fire that forced a Fall River couple to jump out their second-floor window earlier this week was caused by an unattended candle, according to Massachusetts State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey.

Firefighters rushed to the couple’s Ray Street home early Tuesday morning to find heavy smoke billowing from the roof and flames shooting from the second-floor windows.

Fall River Fire Chief Roger Martin said the couple was fast asleep in their bedroom when the fire broke out in another nearby bedroom.

The couple was trapped in their upstairs bedroom due to the intense heat and smoke, which is why Martin said the two decided to climb out of the window and onto the roof.

The man and women then jumped to safety, injuring themselves in the process. Martin said both were transported to the hospital for treatment and are expected to survive.

Ostroskey said the fire has been deemed accidental after a resident admitted to lighting a candle in one of the upstairs bedrooms earlier that night.

“I want to remind all our residents to extinguish candles before you leave the room or go to bed,” Martin said. “When you use a candle, be sure to place it on a sturdy, nonflammable surface and keep anything that can burn at least a foot away on all sides.”

Ostroskey said candles cause 100 fires each year in Massachusetts.

“Almost all of them take place in people’s homes, and almost all of them can be prevented by using extra caution,” he said.

Ostroskey suggested residents use “battery-powered alternatives,” such as flashlights for emergencies and flameless candles for decoration and celebration.

“These options are much safer than an open flame,” he added.