SWANSEA, Mass. (WPRI) — A Swansea man will spend the next two-and-a-half years behind bars after he was caught recording two unsuspecting teenagers through false two-way mirrors inside his home, according to Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn.

Quinn said Gerald Caron, 66, pleaded guilty last week and will serve the maximum allowable jail term for his crimes.

“The sentences imposed by the court holds the defendant accountable for his bizarre and perverted conduct,” Quinn said.

The false two-way mirrors were discovered by the teenagers, ages 18 and 15, in July 2020. Quinn said the two sisters had known Caron for years, and he had offered to let them live with him at his Stevens Road home.

Both teens stayed in a spare bedroom that Caron had created for them, according to Quinn, and they used a separate bathroom from him that was next to his bedroom.

Quinn said over the course of the next five months, the sisters grew suspicious of Caron. The teens were concerned Caron was watching them shower, Quinn said, because they would hear noises from behind the wall which supported the bathroom mirror.

A month before Caron’s arrest, the eldest sister had returned home and noticed his bedroom door was open, according to Quinn.

When she went inside and looked around, Quinn said she noticed a black towel hanging on his closet wall, and when she lifted it, she discovered a two-way mirror that looked directly into their bathroom.

The teen immediately contacted the Swansea Police Department to report Caron, who Quinn said denied everything once detectives visited his home four days later.

Caron told detectives he “adored the sisters, wished they were his own, and created a bedroom for them since they did not have their own rooms growing up,” according to Quinn.

Upon searching Caron’s home, Quinn said detectives discovered the two-way mirror, as well as a mounted video camera pointed towards the shower and toilet.

Quinn said it appeared Caron had covered the camera’s exterior buttons and lights with black electrical tape so it wouldn’t be detected through the mirror, and his closet doors were lined with a black plastic covering to prevent light from shining through.

Similarly-rigged two-way mirrors were also found above the vanity in their bathroom, as well as in the older sister’s bedroom on the second floor, Quinn said.

Caron was convicted on two counts of photographing sexual or intimate parts without consent and one count of possession of child pornography.

Following his prison sentence, Caron will serve five years of supervised probation.