ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WPRI) — Teachers and former students at Attleboro Brennan Middle School are eager to dig up a time capsule they buried in 1997 — but they can’t find it.

Now longtime teacher Dawn Greening is determined to locate it and won’t give up until she does.

“I’m a teacher, it’s in my blood and we made promises to these kids,” she said.

Greening said the capsule is packed with students’ favorite things, ranging from T-shirts, VHS videos of themselves, and a Spice Girls CD.

“It was before 9/11 when the world was different, it’s a time gone by that we don’t have anymore,” she said.

Greening reached out on Facebook to connect with former students to see if they may remember where they buried the box.

If former students can pinpoint the exact spot, Greening said she is lining up a metal detector to try and find the nails in the old wooden box.

However, if that doesn’t work, Greening said she might ask the principal if the students can dig up the garden on the last day of school.