NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WPRI) — Two workers were injured after a dock collapsed in New Bedford Wednesday afternoon.

New Bedford Fire Chief Scott Kruger tells 12 News firefighters rushed to Hervey Tichon Avenue following reports of a dock that gave way.

There were four workers on the dock at the time of the collapse. Kruger said the workers fell into the water, and one had to be rescued.

Kruger said two of those workers were transported to the hospital with injuries that don’t appear to be life-threatening.

The dock was under construction at the time, though it’s unclear whether that played a role in its collapse. The exact cause of the collapse is under investigation.

“Engineers are going to be taking a look at that,” he explained.

Kruger described the cleanup as a “long-term operation.” He said divers are in the process of removing equipment and construction materials from the water.

“We’re trying to corral the debris that has made its way into the harbor,” Kruger explained. “We’re concerned right now about debris floating into the harbor and the release of hydraulic or diesel fuel into the water.”