PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — WaterFire honored several state educators, including the RI Teacher of the Year Lisa Leaheey, at Saturday’s lighting. 

The event is part of WaterFire’s Celebrating Educational Excellence in Rhode Island with the Rhode Island Department of Education. 

“It’s heartwarming to know they appreciate what we do.” Said Leaheey. “They come through our classrooms so quickly and a year goes by so fast that sometimes you don’t get the opportunity to talk to them and find out what impact we’ve made and to know they given up a Saturday to come hang with us and celebrate us is wonderful.” 

Tiverton Teacher, Mattew Mcguire, was also recognized at Saturday’s ceremony and spoke about the changes that took place in school during the pandemic. 

“Everything we do is for our students and is for our kids… A lot of change, learning on the fly a lot of adopting a lot of understanding that people have unique circumstances” Said Mcguire. 

WaterFire’s next full lighting is scheduled for Saturday, October 1st