PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A manufacturer of defense systems’ building in Providence has been vandalized once again.

In bright red letters, someone painted “kills kids” on the Textron building on Westminster Street Wednesday morning.

A day prior, the words “Free Gaza” were also spray-painted along with red spots of paint.

Surveillance footage from the first vandalism showed two people dressed in all black, with one using a white, blue and green water gun.

It’s unclear if the same suspects did both. Providence police are investigating the vandalism.

On Wednesday, Major David Lapatin said, “we just want to make sure that anyone who lives in the city, who does business in the city, is left alone.”

Textron was in the news on Oct. 21 as well. Hundreds of protestors rallied outside the State House in support of Palestine and later gathered outside of the business’s headquarters.

The company works with the United State Department of Defense. The department said on Monday it is currently, “focused on getting Israel the military capabilities it needs.”

In a statement, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island responded to the vandalism saying, “there’s a general misunderstanding when it comes to the difference between Gaza and Hamas and who is responsible for these acts of war and terrorism. The conflict and the bigotry the war has sparked in the U.S. is only further fueled by actions like the defacement of public property.”

Police are also searching for those responsible for vandalizing Farm Fresh Rhode Island earlier in October.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Providence police at (401) 272-3121.