PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A 39-year-old man is facing several charges after allegedly breaking into his ex-wife’s home in Providence while armed with a knife. 

Chief Oscar Perez tells 12 News that Fidel Archila arrived at the home on Murray Street late Saturday night and allegedly proceeded to assault her. Her two sons then intervened and were cut during the struggle.

Police said all three victims were eventually able to break free and ran out of the house. 

Watch: Archila in court on Monday morning (Story continues below.)

Archila then left the scene and barricaded himself inside a home on Minto Street

Police said Archila was armed with a shotgun inside the house and was threatening to use it. 

About an hour later, negotiators got Archila to exit the house and took him into custody. 

Archila was charged with domestic breaking and entering, domestic felony assault and domestic strangulation.