PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Rhode Island Department of Health is investigating a data breach that happened earlier this year, which compromised the personal information of approximately 8,800 Rhode Islanders.

The Health Department said Wednesday that the data breach happened between July 28 and Oct. 20, when the link to a spreadsheet containing protected health information was mistakenly included in emails sent by staff.

The spreadsheet included a list of Rhode Islanders who had signed up to receive food box deliveries while in COVID-19 isolation or quarantine, according to the Health Department.

The spreadsheet included names, addresses, phone numbers, the number of people per household and specific needs such as food, cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment.

The Health Department believes the spreadsheet was inadvertently sent to 46 people, all of whom were on the list to receive food box deliveries.

There don’t appear to be any security-related concerns connected to the data breach at this time. The Health Department said no medical or financial information was listed in the spreadsheet.

Those impacted by the data breach are being notified by mail and should receive a letter by Dec. 20.

The investigation into the data breach is ongoing, but the Health Department said it has identified additional steps to prevent the unintended release of information in the future.

Those steps include additional trainings for staff and enhanced security measures for handling sensitive information.

Anyone who’s concerned their personal information has been compromised can contact the Health Department’s Support Team by calling 844-930-1780 on or after Dec. 12.