PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Grace Wells-Dannenfelser didn’t always aspire to be a teacher.

In fact, the Rhode Island College student was originally enrolled as a chemistry major.

“I felt a draw to teaching like I know many of you have too,” she said.

Wells-Dannenfelser shared her story to a room full of her peers, professors and campus administrators Wednesday afternoon.

RIC education student Grace Wells-Dannenfelser introduces First Lady Jill Biden. (Andy Paskowski/WPRI-TV)

“I’m someone who loves to learn and really connects through education, but if I was to say something like that comes naturally to me, I would be lying,” Wells-Dannenfelser explained. “The truth is learning is supposed to be challenging and it requires hard work.”

“I struggled with reading as a child, but that experience has fueled my desire to become an English teacher and help students overcome those same challenges,” she continued. “My hope is to help my future students to push boundaries, be curious, advocate for themselves and others, and most of all, enjoy their educational journey.”

Wells-Dannenfelser went on to welcome First Lady Jill Biden to the podium, describing her as “an educator I look up to very much.”

Biden embraced Wells-Dannenfelser and thanked her for the warm welcome.

“I can tell that your future students are going to love the light and laughter you bring to your classroom,” Biden said. “I can’t wait to be able to call you my colleague.”

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Wells-Dannenfelser tells 12 News she didn’t know she would be introducing the first lady when she first signed up, and described the opportunity as “an honor.”

“I was really able to speak from the heart,” she said of her speech. “She really wanted to hear me talk about my experience and share that with everybody.”

While meeting Biden was like “meeting a celebrity,” Wells-Dannenfelser said she appreciated how welcoming and friendly she was.

“You’re a little star struck,” she said. “She was just amazing, very personable and really just wanted to hear from us.”

Wells-Dannenfelser said the entire experience further solidified her passion for education, and while she would still love to teach, she also hopes to one day work as an administrator.

Biden visited Rhode Island to not only to stump for Gov. Dan McKee and the state’s Democrats ahead of the general election, but also issue a call to action to aspiring teachers.

“Teaching isn’t just a job to me. It’s a calling—a way to live out the belief that we can shape our corner of the world, one student at a time,” Biden explained. “I think many of you may hear that voice calling you, too.”

“America’s students need bright, passionate, creative, and curious leaders who will bring their whole hearts to their work. We need you,” she continued. “To those who hear this calling but aren’t quite sure yet — I want to ask you to imagine yourself as a teacher.”