BOSTON (WPRI) — Two pastors from Rhode Island have landed back on American soil after being in Israel amid the deadly Hamas attacks.

Richard Sfameni and his wife Lisa lead the Victory Church in Providence and have been in Israel since last Monday and said they are grateful and relieved to finally make it back home.

They took a group from their church on a tour of the Holy Land. While they weren’t in the battle zone, they said they did hear the constant roar of the fighter jets above them every single day since the attack.

The group said one of the most chilling parts of the trip was their drive to the airport. Roads were cleared and tanks lined up the highway.

Pastor Lisa told 12 News that sight made it clear to them that they were in the middle of a war zone, and soldiers were getting ready to fight.

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“It’s unnerving to see that and to hear, and to not necessarily have the fighting where we were but knowing that something was going on so close. Our hearts were breaking, to be honest with you,” she said.

While they are glad to be home, they have a sense of guilt.

“We all do have these mixed feelings of us being able to get on an airplane and leave behind so much devastation and loss and tragedy, and it’s still going on,” she continued. “But, we’re gonna keep praying for their country. Part of our hearts are there for sure.”

Pastors Lisa and Richard told 12 News they are grateful for everyone’s support and prayer during the past few difficult days.