PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island bakeries were packed Sunday morning with people trying to get their hands on the Saint Joseph’s Day staple, zeppola.

Bakery owners like Michael Manni, who runs LaSalle Bakery in Providence, said they woke up early in the morning to make sure the pastry was fresh for customers. 

“We make thousands of them; we were making the shells so they’re reading to fill until around seven o’clock last night,” said Manni. “Then we come in around one to two in the morning filling them and making them fresh.” 

Manni also said the holiday provides a big economic boost for bakers and encouraged everyone to buy from their favorite local bakery.

“Today when you go in and get your zeppola, please get them from a bakery. This is a holiday that small businesses, like bakeries, really rely on for the whole year so we would all appreciate it,” Manni said.  

While the holiday draws in big crowds and can become hectic, bakery owners say they still look forward to it. 

“Honestly it’s really fun, we look forward to this day every year, the line is definitely out the door, we go, go, go all day long, but it’s a celebration of the Italian culture, that is our favorite thing to celebrate in here,” said General Manager of Scialo Bros Bakery, Olivia DeAngelis.